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Sunday, June 14, 2020
Claudio Henriquez M.
Claudio is a Senior Editor at AkuaroWorld. This soccer lover is enthusiastic about Open Source and Smart Cities, and is deeply curious about all tech topics. He has covered important events around the globe, including the Mobile World Congress and the Web Summit.
Ekei Salgueiro
Ekei is a self-proclaimed citizen of the world. He focuses on a broad array of topics, including Smart cities, entrepreneurship and the latest trends in technology. He has a clear vision of the tech scene in the world and what is going to be the next step in technology.
Fidel Salgueiro
Fidel is a visionary and Innovative CMO/CEO professional. He has an extensive career in the telecommunication industry in Latin and Central America and the United States, where as a Senior Consultant he led major shifts in established telecommunication companies. In AkuaroWorld, he is the specialist in 5G and everything related to Network virtualization.
Gabriela Pineda
Journalism is in her blood. Gabriela has collaborated in different newspapers in Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Venezuela, and Argentina. She is an advocate for Women in Tech and IoT topics. Currently her main focus is covering early-stage startups and interviewing key players in the tech scene.
JB Gamboa
José is a digital and literal immigrant. An illustrator from Philippines, he is fascinated by intersection of arts and technology, especially in how robotics, artificial intelligence, space travel, and virtual reality will affect the future of humanity. He develops marketing and communication strategy at AkuaroWorld, and oversees graphic design and video production.
Josep Civit
Josep is developer and writer enthusiastic about E-commerce and Digital Marketing. A huge fan of the Barcelona Soccer Club and Photography, his writings seek to solve the puzzle of how to execute a successful e-Commerce project
Marc Morera
Marc is a PHP and Symfony2 Developer and Evangelist, Speaker and Github committer. He is one of the founders of Symfony Catalunya in Spain, and he is passionate about speaking his mind. His articles are a deep and honest analysis about the enthralling work of coding.
Nick Floyd
Nick is a developer from Texas who has a strong passion for all things API. He is well-versed in RFC2616 (HTTP1.1 protocol) and is very excited about all things REST. Currently he works as a Lead Software Engineer in New Relic. His writings deconstruct his hardware experiments and his opinions about programming.
Fran Ramirez
Fran Ramírez is Security Researcher at Eleven Paths and co-author of the book "Microhistorias: anécdotas y curiosidades de la historia de la informática". http://www.cyberhades.com/
Fabio Díaz
Fabio is a tech blogger for AkuaroWorld.com. He has an unmatched passion for videogames, technology, culture and writing about all of those things. A journalist at heart, he has written for several digital publications in the past, and now aims to do an interesting coverage of technology and the startup scene.
Giles Kirkland
Giles Kirkland is a car expert constantly researching on the latest studies, cutting-edge findings, and perspectives for future automotive technologies. Keen on exchanging his knowledge with others, Giles regularly contributes to Oponeo and is featured by various automotive and technology platforms.
Ana Petrusevski
Insights Lead at Zinc (Design & Innovation) Design thinker, creative strategist, minister of culture and woman in a tech world.
Samuel Santeliz
Sam is a Digital Marketer with engineering background. He believes in the importance of knowing how the digital world is evolving. He creates content about events experiences while enjoying life from Ireland
Daniel Megyesi
Daniel is a systems engineer, a tech enthusiast ever since his early childhood. He likes to experiment with the latest IT technologies, trends and go off the beaten path, never accepting 'it has been always working like this' as an answer. He's also a traveler at heart and a former musician.