We are in the Women’s History Month and it is always important to show ideas that allow us to realize that the world is changing in terms of gender inclusion.

WomenNTalent is an example of that. This company aims to create an ecosystem that encourages and supports the professional career of women searching for the perfect match between companies and talent, through an algorithm that analyzes the training, experience and skills of professionals.

The creator of this project is Aleum Yang, a South Korean entrepreneur who came to Barcelona 10 years ago. Attracted by the multicultural environment and after going through several works of NGOs and organizations, she decided to create a platform that would allow women to have a reliable opportunity in the workplace:

“My dream has always been to be an entrepreneur and one day I became mother and it was very difficult to balance my personal and professional life. I thought, what I could create to help those moms who want to get back on track with their professional life, because doing a market research I saw that there is a difficult issue: the reconciliation between professional and personal life for professionals who are mothers”

WomenNTalent was born from this idea and is already going to hold its first event in the IT sector “because it is precisely an area where more diversity of gender is needed,” Yang point out.

The events are called “Speed Dating” and consist of bringing together companies that want to expand their workforce with female programmers and, at the same time, women that  are looking for companies that support gender inclusion, salary quality and more.

Besides the events, WomenNTalent establishs a “Rating of the companies” where the same employees of the company can qualify the companies according the “women’s friendly environment” policy. This rating aims to create awareness about the situation and give a real measure to the companies.

“Women appreciate companies that empower women’s talent and offer equal opportunities and it is not just talking about possible employees but also future clients” said Yang.

WomeNTalent is taking the first event at the IT sector, but then it is planned to cover the areas of marketing, sales, administration and customer service.

One of the main labour barrier that exists today, according to this South Korean entrepreneur, is the moment when the woman faces motherhood.

“There is a social myth which is giving more responsibilities to women when they become mothers and society and companies do not fully support women who want to return to the world of work after a maternity leave” points out Aleum Yang.

The companies that have more diversity in their team increase 47% on economic benefits and decrease 22% of employees resign.

Yang recalls her experience in South Korea where in most cases, tradition pushes women to abandon their professional lives after giving birth “Spain has a more advance mentality than South Korea, on that issue” and indeed if we have a look to the most renowned companies in South Korea the leadership’s positions are held by men.

“82% of women are looking to work in a company that support female talents, equal payment and opportunities” Aleum Yang

The business model of WomenNTalent is B2C and companies that are interested can pay a specific amount to participate in the “Speed ​​Dating” and have access to the data classified by the algorithm. But more than a business, Aleum Yang aims to encourage a change, creating a platform that allows companies to be more aware of the urgency for a change of mentality in terms of gender inclusion.