“Building a new horizon”— Barcelona will welcome the third edition of Women Techmakers International Women’s Day, the newest in a series of events backed up by Google to give visibility to women in the ICT and computing sectors.

Organized by Tech&Ladies Barcelona and GDG Barcelona, this event will take place next Saturday, March 10 on Centro De Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona and will last throughout the whole day.

Women Techmakers aims to encourage women’s visibility in the computing industry , as well as the information and communication technologies sector. It’s a gathering that expects to attract up to 120 individuals who are interested to hear about inspirational women’s work experiences, as well as to learn and improve the methodologies of development and programming languages.

This year, there will also be an awards show: Wisibilizadas. It’s a school-level competition that aims to attract young women who work on ICT and empower the female models in the sector.

The idea is to create a community by sharing experiences and expanding contacts

During the last three years, Google’s global initiative has resulted in more than 200 global events in 52 different countries. Each one of these events promotes visibility, community-building and resources for women in the tech industry.

The event takes place around Women’s International Day, which lands on March 8. The main objective is working to reduce the gender gap between men and women in ICT and inspire success in science and tech with influential female models.

18 speakers will talk about web development, testing and day-to-day programming advices. Tech for medicine will be present too, as well as robots, chatbots, IoT and management for teams working from home. These, among others, will be some of the present discussions.

Some of the speakers that will be present in the 2018 edition

“Chatbots: artificial or human intelligence?”, for example, will try to answer precisely that question, and explain the boom that chatbots have experienced in the last year. “Web design and front-end development, who and for whom?”, on the other hand, will go in deep about web development and design, based on speaker Marta Lobo’s professional experience.

Additionally, there will be some networking quality time. The idea is to create a community by sharing experiences and expanding contacts. Doors will be open to all kinds of attendants, regardless of working conditions. It’s one of the most important parts of the evening, as community-building is key to making this kind of initiatives flourish.

AkuaroWorld.com, your tech analysis and opinion site, will be one of the support sponsors of Women Techmakers Barcelona. Others include: Gadwoman.com, Holaluz, Thoughtworks, Schneider Electric, Zopa, Ocado Technology, Metropolis Lab, Xing, Barcelona Technology School, Plain Concepts, Techfest, Autentia, CodelyTv and Bida. Finally, it has the support of Barcelona Java Users Group as well.