The Global E-Commerce Summit Barcelona started yesterday with much anticipation.

More than 900 attendees from more than 50 countries took convened in Barcelona, the Spanish city that is becoming a hub for innovation and tech companies, not to mention the host of the annual Mobile World Congress.

Global E-Commerce Summit´s agenda concentrates on exploring how developing technologies, policies and business models will meet consumer expectations and shape the future of digital commerce.

The event is comprised of 500 companies and more than 100 partners. Well-recognized companies like Coca Cola, eBay, Techruption and more will be on hand to exhibit the latest online market trends across the globe, deliver talks and try to answer the big question What is the future of E- commerce?

E-Commerce is the present and future of retail. The most lucrative nowadays is Amazon, the father of all E-Commerce with 600 million customers. And the future seems guaranteed: An NYU professor predicted that Amazon could be the first company with a $1 trillion market cap, beating other tech giants like Apple and Google.

The future of retails is pointing in that direction and as it develops and expands it raises many uncertainties along the way in security and marketing technology for the digital customer.

What is the future of E-commerce? The Global E-Commerce Summit will answer all those question from the 12th to 14th of June.

Tomorrow is the final day of the event and there will be interesting talks related to AI, Russian E-commerce opportunities for international players by Walter Trezek, the role of digital currencies and blockchain in E-commerce, and more.

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