VMworld 2018 stage

“Let’s be honest,” said Joe Baguley, vice president and CTO, VMware, the company that organizes VMworld Europe. “At the end of the day, we gather in Barcelona to hang out with other tech enthusiasts, geeks, nerds, or whatever moniker you like in order to hear about and share cool new technology.”

The 2018 edition of VMworld Europe took place in the Spanish city this week offering attendees “jam-packed days full of innovation, education, collaboration and fiery passion for the power of technology,” as the company put it, highlighting the responsibility the organization feel towards shaping a better future. It’s been a special year, since 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of VMware.

The driving theme this year was the tagline “possible begins with you,” highlighting that at the core of it all, ideas are really what drives modern technology forward. The company says that 13.000 attendees gathered this time, a record number that has secured the upcoming 2019 edition, which will mark the 8th consecutive VMworld.

Some important announcements

The first day saw VMware CEO Pat Gelginger and CTO Ray O’Farell laying out their plans on how technology could be use for a force of good. The name “Technology Superpowers” alluded to the company’s strengths: cloud, mobile, AI/machine learning and edge/IoT. This in turn led some announcements, including VMware’s growing partnership with IBM Cloud—with a visit of Director of Research at IBM, Arvind Krishna. The partnership will bring IBM Services offering to help migrate and extend mission-critical VMware workloads to the IBM Cloud and new integrations to enable enterprises to modernize applications with Kubernetes and containers.

VMware also announced it was acquiring Heptio, the Seattle-based startup from two of the co-founders of Kubernetes, Joe Beda and Craig McLuckie—both of whom will be joining the company. Back in VMworld Las Vegas, the company also announced the acquisition of CloudHealth Technologies to help bring crucial multi-cloud management platform that work across AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. VMworld Europe only helped to solidify the transaction (reported to have cost around 500 million).

Other ambitions were also laid out. VMware announced the continued expansion of VMware Cloud on AWS in Europe and the United States, with expected additional new regions forthcoming in AWS EU (Ireland), AWS West (N. California) and AWS East (Ohio) in Q4 2018. The company also revealed new capabilities for this hybrid cloud service intended to enable customers to better protect and secure applications and virtual desktops.

Day 2’s discussion leaned more towards the event’s tagline, “Pioneers of the possible.” COO Sanjay Poonen took the opportunity to talk about how some of their customers were “taking bold steps into digital transformation in order to transform their business and define the future.” Later, CMO Robin Matlock sat down with Martha Lane Fox, founder and executive chair of doteveryone.org.uk, an independent think tank and charity organization responsible technology for a fairer future. Issues in the internet sector regarding innovation and inclusivity were directly tackled.

Showcasing keynotes also proved to be quite the draw at VMworld 2018 Europe, according to the organizers. This year’s talks, each about an hour long, focused on four business-critical topics: modernizing the way data centers worked, integrating public clouds, empowering digital workspaces and transforming networking and security. For anyone who didn’t have the chance to attend, all of them are available to watch online.

You can read more about the event’s highlights in VMworld’s official blog. Or about VMware’s announcements here.