Rtist was built by Gorilla Arm Team

The moment iOS developer Duncan Campbell took the stage and presented in regards to his app Rtist at AppCircus Barcelona, the audience was captivated from the start. Arts and Technology doesn’t come together so often, but the British developer exposed his reason why he thought that was so important to develop an app that allow anybody to commission a personalized artwork direct from some of the best emerging artists in Spain.

Art and technology often do not mingle, however the British developer explained the reason why he thought it was so important. His developments lead to the creation of an app that allows anybody the ability to commission a personalized piece of artwork directly from some of the best emerging artists throughout Spain.

Rtist app is available in iOS

“There are so many excellent artists (out there) that are not well known and due to that they do not sell enough to support themselves, finding it also hard to gain exposure in the competitive art world. I think it is a good way to help the emerging artists and the new ones as well. Rtist has the potential to make a difference for them and for the art industry” expressed Campbell.

The platform allows users to have a deeper look into the style of the artists, chat with them and send pictures or ideas about what pieces of art they may want on the wall of their home.
Rtist is a platform that aims to boost artists who are willing to accept art commissions. The platform will carefully review all applications to ensure high quality and only allow the very best talent to be featured in the app.

This is the fifth app created by Gorilla Arm and was created by a team of seven individuals in only five months; last July it was awarded first place at the AppCircus Barcelona competition. Thanks to this award, Duncan and his team won a nomination to the Mobile Premier Awards and the chance to pitch live at Barcelona.

From geographer to programmer:

Duncan Campbell is a British developer with more than 6 years of programming experience
Duncan Campbell is a British developer with more than 6 years of programming experience

Although studies within the IT world have increased nowadays, most of the people already within the industry were predestined to follow a different path from the one they started on.  Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group graduated with a degree in English Literature. Marissa Mayer, the President and CEO of Yahoo! studied Symbolic Systems. The path of Duncan Campbell has been quite similar, as he majored and received his degree in Geography from the University of Central Lancashire in England.

“Be realistic: it is tech; it will cost money. A business always comes with a big risk”

However, he found out one thing that a map does not often show, his true passion in coding. One day, he was stressed due to a high volume of papers spread all around the office which lead him to create an automatized system. This system would help digitalize all of the critical information and a new chapter began! He started programming for different companies until he built his own, Gorilla Arm. Since then, they have developed several apps related to music, networking and medicine.

iOS developer –  the cream of the crop:

It has become a reality that Android has emerged as the largest sharing platform worldwide. This is due to its pre-eminence in the lower thriving markets around the globe. Therefore, due to these notions, Android Developers are in higher demand throughout the market.

On the other hand, iOS is usually meant for the higher markets and the areas developed with potentially more resources. Android Developers are highly accepted and reflected developers worldwide, but iOS developers tend to be more creative and make more active apps with more engagement options in turn, making them more popular globally.

Duncan Campbell reiterated this statement and acknowledged the predominance of Android users in the European market. He noted that the projects that iOS developers are involved in are often more challenging.

Investigation made by Trovit
Investigation made by Trovit













Due to the challenges and the constant creative exploration, this iOS developer did a project to explore all development angles. As a result, Fromto was born: a guide to Barcelona created by 30 people. The project, created at Betahaus (co-working space) consisted of develop an app in only 36 hours.

“In Betahaus there is a lot of talent: developers, designers, marketing specialists, architects, artists, and it was really great to create a project among a lot of people and see what we could create”.

“Life is about diversity,
the tech world need that nowadays”

Fronto is a guide of Barcelona, made in a simple interface. “I wanted to make sure that everybody learned something new. if you are designer you will go with the marketing team. If you a programmer sit with the design. Try to learn something new, see different people” said Duncan Campbell

The app showcases the personal interests of the people who work at Betahaus. Every person has the ability to select/recommend a place or an activity according to their current location or mood

Barcelona vs London:

London is considered one of the European cities with more tech startups and conferences in the world. Just in 2015, 200,000 professionals were hired in the IT sector boosting the economy in 18 billions of pounds. Since 2005, 1,000 tech startups based their businesses in London, according to the British Newspaper City A.M. Barcelona isn’t far behind as a report published by the Clúster Ecommerce and Tech Barcelona shows that in the last year (2015) Barcelona has triplicated its invoicing in the IT sector, increasing up to 6 billion Euros.

Duncan is a native of Preston (UK) and 6 years ago he decided to travel abroad, first to Colombia and then later to Barcelona, where he decided to stay permanently in search of new opportunities.

The Gorilla Arm creator has established and cultivated two perspectives of how to be a successful developer in both England and Spain.  He claimed that Barcelona is growing continuously but for him, London is still leading the Tech sector. Duncan mentions that people prefer Barcelona over London mostly due reasons involved with lifestyles. “London is denser and it´s hard work, Barcelona is more to enjoy life and there is a lot of movement, and active people”

However, when discussing decision from the UK to leave the European Union, the British entrepreneur mentions that there is possibility to see a major change. “(About the Brexit) I feel really disappointed. I have clients around the world and my company is located in England so it means that doing business with people from EU will be harder but if I move my company to Spain it will be the same for my British client’s. Life is about diversity and the world feeds off that. Brexit is a huge mistake”.