Premier virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) development house Visyon teams up with the Boston-based startup Neurable to revolutionize the concept of Power Brain-Controlled Virtual Reality.

The brain-computer interface can allows people to control software and devices using only their brain activity.

Visyon looks to take on the world of simulation training, a burgeoning market for the VR industry, leveraging Neurable’s BCI for insights in biometric feedback as well as conceptualizing future AR enterprise applications.

Immersive computing requires a new approach to human-computer interaction. Neurable designs software and solutions that function as a natural extension of our brains, creating new possibilities for human empowerment.

“To unlock the potential of augmented reality, user interaction requires a hands-free control modality. Our insights in neuroscience enable us to create the future of immersive computing interaction. We use those same insights to access brainwaves and other biometric activity to further enrich simulation training”, says Adam Molnar, Director of Sales and Marketing in Neurable.

In Pere Pérez’, CEO of VISYON, own words: “VISYON is thrilled to partner with Neurable and explore the potential of neuroscience and BCI to develop pioneering solutions for the enterprise market.  The combination of VISYON’s industry experience and Neurable’s novel BCI product allows for unprecedented research of AR for enterprise”. The partnership has also yielded novel developments in VR simulation training with further advances in user brain-state analysis, exploring more effective training, performance enhancement, and aptitude assessment, among other benefits.

Neurable’s BCI allows people to interact with software using their minds. The technology leverages advanced algorithms and novel neuroscientific insights to correlate neurophysiological responses of intent, enabling users to make selections. In addition to control, their advances allow for novel perspectives on cognitive state analysis, performance training, and other biometric readings.

Neurable sees its brain-computer interface (BCI) as the future of communication, the killer interaction method that will allow for virtual and, augmented reality devices to truly reach their full potential with hands-free, silent, intent-driven interactions.

For Visyon the key areas of expertise include 360 Video Production, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Platform Development and Sensorial Installations. They conceive, design, and build immersive environments for international clients from most industries who want to push the limits of innovation and creativity.

Taking control of you life/devices

The benefits of connecting your brain into VR/AR is to take more control of all your devices that surrounds you “People can walk into their homes or their offices and take control of their devices using a combination of their augmented reality systems and their brain activity.” says Ramses Alcaide founder at Neurable in an interview.

This partnership are not just creating new experiences in the neuroscience field, it is also carrying out scientific research to understand how our brain operates in VR to design effective training programs, practical solutions to improve healthcare and maximise entertainment experiences.

Also, this kind of technology can help people with severe disabilities like neuromuscular conditions because it use an electroencephalography devices equipped with multiple sensors that can detect any activity in the brain and create a “brain-map” and record the activity that will be translated into an output and then this information will send to the software or a “brain computer interface” with the objetive to try to understand what every people wants and anticipate their actions.