Have you ever been at a family party, a Christmas celebration or a friend´s birthday and suddenly somebody asks you if you can help with a computer that is too slow? Or if you can change the Wi-Fi password? Or that aunt that always asks you to synchronize her mobile with the tablet? How many times have you done that? And how many times have you done that for free?

If your answer is too many times, keep reading.

David Ovsepian, Swedish businessman and passionate about tech, saw this kind of situation so frequently that he decided to create the perfect solution: TechBuddy. 

TechBuddy is a Swedish startup launched in 2016 that’s aiming to connect people who need any technological assistance with expert and passionate people of the digital world who go to these homes and resolve the problem.

Their services include: routers, red, TV, mobiles, tablets, e-books, security copies, synchronization, sound systems, smart house and more.

“If I can define it with one word it would be ‘help’. We want to help our customers, so they don’t feel afraid of technology or any new products,” states Mark Miralda, Head of Operations at TechBuddy Spain.

One of the keys to its success lies in the community of Buddies, young people who are passionate about new technologies and to whom the startup offers the opportunity to work, gain skills in the labour market and be able to count on a source of income doing what interests them the most.

What do you need to be a TechBuddy? Miralda highlights two important skills: be passionate for technology and have social skills: “We approach things with the angle of taking care of our customers, like explaining everything so the people feel safe with the new technology. So, the buddy has to be able to explain whatever the customer needs in a language that the they can understand, not in a technical way.”

David Ovsepian,  CEO TechBuddy Spain, adds the main goal for them: “We want to change the industry. In the future, we want to have a Techbuddy in every product so that the user can understand any tech product. To change the industry, we want start helping people when we build a community that trust us and then we can communicate their needs to the tech industry.”

In addition to offering solutions to everyday problems, TechBuddy also accompanies the consumer with new technologies: “We guide and inspire people, as well as installing and implementing any technological product. Our recommendations are independent and based on the technological needs of the consumer, ” said Ovsepian.

“If You are the one whose relatives and friends call when their computer doesn´t work, we want you”

Currently, TechBuddy has collaborations with large firms such as Media Markt, Apple Premium Resellers and the largest companies in the telecommunications sector. The company intends to apply the same strategy in Spain, where the service is already working in more than 10 cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Seville, etc. In the coming months, it will offer the service throughout the national territory before summer. And for 2018, TechBuddy will want to be established in 10 new countries.

Regarding the price, TechBuddy has a launch cost for the consumer of € 39 by the hour, which includes the displacement of the expert.

How does it work?

The buddy accesses a private account where he/she can see a whole monthly schedule and selects the task and the place that the they feel able to resolve. The payment is based by the hour.

The most typical problems nowadays are Wi-Fi, mobile and synchronization. “If you knew how many things you can do with your router, you’d be impressed. People use maybe 20% of the capacity of every tech gadget and there are not a lot of people that are able to explain it” said TechBuddy´s CEO.

TechBuddy is a trackable, flexible and scalable platform, built on true customer understanding for a hyper connected world where technology has become more complex every day because it’s growing faster than the regular user.