Juan Zamora. CEO at Signaturit

Signaturit wants to make things simple. Founded in 2013 in Barcelona, Spain, Signaturit facilitates the completion of any signing processes by providing a solution to requesting and making legally binding electronic signatures.

In less than a year Signaturit consolidated itself as the most intuitive eSignature solution to the market. AkuaroWorld had the opportunity to talk to Juan Zamora, CEO at Signaturit about the company and the future projects.

How did you come up with the idea of creating Signaturit?

I started my career working for the IT departments of several Spanish banks in which I’ve realized that even big multinationals sometimes struggle with manual, paper-intensive and highly inefficient processes.

Signing processes in particular still revolve around clients printing a document, signing it, scanning it and sending it back for many companies: a long process that offers little to no legal protection to all parties involved.

In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, trust services such as our easy-to-use, legally binding electronic signature solution are key to provide a trustworthy environment in which companies and individuals can interact with each other freely.


This year Signaturit started the expansion to France with the company iBanFirst. What other expansion plans do you have for 2018?

Our collaboration with iBanFirst is a very good example of our strong commitment to grow alongside our partners, by entering new markets and providing tailor-made solutions that also reinforce our general value proposition.

Besides inking many other partnerships with companies spanning a wide range of industries and geographies, after closing our second financing round at €2.8 million we also want to correspond the trust of our investors by delivering even more solid results moving forward.

Market-wise, Europe is still our backyard and key region, but we have clients spread across more than 40 countries and we look forward to dip our toes in other geographies as well.

Signaturit Team

Nowadays, How many companies do you work with? and What kind of companies use most this service?

We currently provide our trust services to 10,000+ clients across the world, and we are happy to say that we are yet to see a pattern in terms of industries. Our customers span a wide range of sectors because digital economy encompasses an extremely diverse spectrum of activities: finance, insurance, all forms of retail, healthcare, etc.

As long as they interact digitally with their stakeholders at any point of their day-to-day activities, we have a solution to make their transactions more efficient and legally binding.


What kind of technology do you work with to guarantee the safety of electronic signatures?

One of our key strengths is that our electronic signature, certified delivery and electronic identification technologies were developed in-house and are constantly improved by our savvy tech team.

Our electronic signature technology in particular benefits from the latest trends in biometric data collection and encryption, but at the same time we have consciously worked on a UX that puts all that state-of-the-art technology to work in the simplest, most user-friendly way.


What challenges have you came across from keeping a comprehensive documentation, sample code and SDKs in order to the API be securely integrated? 

Having a simple API REST paved the way for our SDKs to be simple as well. We basically avoided having complex uses calling different methods to perform an action by establishing a single method to perform each action. Thanks to that, our SDKs are essentially wrappers around our API, which also allows us to steadily grow our functionalities.

Besides that, our SDKs can be inspected by anybody (i.e. https://github.com/signaturit/php-sdk for PHP), and we have actually improved them thanks to our clients’ valuable feedback.

What actions do you implement in order to avoid any kind of hacking on your platform?

We protect the confidentiality and access to the documents sent and signed through our platform by using the same data encryption standards as banks and government agencies. Our server infrastructure is also state-of-the art and ISO 27001-certified.

We also comply with all relevant data protection regulations and guarantee the upmost integrity of our customers’ data, preventing its alteration through an audit trail and an official time stamp.


Your company is breaking with old schemes and there are people who are reluctant to trust on technology when it is about personal documentation. We are talking about companies and people more reluctant to digitalization. How do you plan to conquer this kind of public by generating trust?

A part of it has to do with the fact that many players in our field focus so much on regulatory compliance that their user experience suffers, paving the way for solutions that are legally binding but very unfriendly and hard to get around with. That rings true for trust services, but also for many other digital platforms.

Our way of tackling this challenge has been the same from day one: delivering a compelling user experience while creating the most legally sound solution in the market. Thanks to that, we have prevented compliance from getting on the way of our easy-to-use, intuitive interface, repeatedly highlighted by our customers as the key driver in their buying decision.

“So our advice for those trying to convince general public to go digital is simple: develop the most legally sound backend, but offer your customers something they can use easily and almost intuitively”


What could you remark as a differentiation point from the competitors? 

At Signaturit we believe that our value proposition is better than that of our competitors for two main reasons.

First, because we are the only solution which streamlines the process to request and send electronic signatures through any email account (Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail…) and that allows the signer to sign using his fingertip or mouse in any device, be it a laptop, a tablet or a smartphone.

And second and most important, because our legal compliance is unparalleled, as we are the only solution which offers the possibility to request and send advanced electronic signatures and collects biometric data from the signer.

Our other products also outperform those of our competitors, including our secure identification and certified communications systems, our brand new solution to manage SmartContracts, etc.


Signaturit is working with Machine Learning. How does it improve your product?

Machine learning really opens a world of possibilities for us to better cater for the needs of our customers.

By leveraging this groundbreaking technology, we can advise our clients on the best times to send a contract that needs to be signed, which allows them to maximize conversion.

In the end, we are teaching machines to not only allow two or more parties to sign a contract, but also to understand its nature and requirements, so our platform contributes to streamline the signing process for all those involved.