If I ask you what League of Legends is, you’ll say it is a video game. Yes, League of Legends (LoL) is indeed a videogame, but it´s not just that, it’s also a whole machinery that over time has become very powerful in the game scene. LoL is the most played videogame in the world. In January 2014 over 67 million people played it per month, 27 million per day, and over 7.5 million during peak hours. LoL has among the largest footprints of any game in streaming media communities on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.tv. In September 2016 the company estimated that there are over 100 million active players each month. 

It is so huge and epic, that League of Legends has a World Championship with millions of followers worldwide and where winners are total rockstars.

For this reason it is not surprising that a company created something to improve the game. Fluendo is the pioneer of this idea. This Spanish company lauched RiftAnalyst on April 2017, a video analysis tool for League of Legends that has been a success in the LoL community.

RifAnalyst allows players, coaches and fans to analyse matches, create playlists of games, import gameplay files, improve in-game performance and move up in rank allowing any player to analyze games and find out the percentage of victories per lane, the average of gold and more.

We had the opportunity to talk to Mercé Delgado, CEO and CFO of Fluendo, who explained to us the magic behind this great proyect.

RiftAnalyst is the first video analysis tool for League of Legends,  the most popular eSport in the world. How will RiftAnalyst significantly contribute to eSports?

We have chosen League of Legends because it is the most played video game in the world and we want to professionalize the sector because it has been in a boom for the last three years, but is growing disorderly. We want to give it structure, and for this reason we offer a software that will allow you to analyze it just like in any traditional sport. Our intention is to give the tool to get an Excel document, that is what the people are using nowdays, and also stop people to watch 6 or 10 hours of gameplay because with RiftAnalyst you can have a playlist of the best plays to check them out later.

In addition to League of Legends, do you plan to work with other games?

We have other titles in mind but we need to see a professional output for them. For example: Clash Royale is a game that’s having a lot of success and is also an eSport as well, but I think it is just a trend. League of Legends has eight years in the market. FIFA and Counter Strike have many years in the market as well, and we are considering both.

How’s been the public feedback?

It has been great because there was no tool before that saves up time, and with RifAnalyst people find a real solution. In these three months we already have 4400 users. We have teams from the LCS, which is the European League of Legends League, that are already using it. Therefore, we are opening the market outwards.

We rely on the market feedback and we’ve got League of Legends analysts for professional teams who also support us and who are working with us to improve the product. We have the expertise in development and we hear what the community has to say.


Fluendo is an innovative company. You already have 5 products: Fluendo CodecPack, Consulting Services, RiftAnalyst, LongoMatch and OnePlay. Which product has generated the most success and profits for the company?

Until today our core bussiness is the development of Multimedia Codecs based on the GStreamer platform, which generates the revenues and profits of the company. The video analysis software products, that in this case are LongoMatch and RiftAnalyst, are growing up and we’ve invested in them to later collect the revenue next year.

Fluendo bases its products in the GStreamer framework. What is different about this framework?

GStreamer offers the possibility of making a multiplatform product, it’s a product that runs on Linux, Windows and IoS due to the versatility.

Additionaly, GStreamer is an Open Source framework with continuous growth and updates.

We bet on the company for Open Source. That’s why we have GStreamer as a reference and the possibility of offering multiplatform, and that it is a technology that is growing globally and that many companies are setting up because of its flexibility.