Rift Analyst Cup Stage

eSports fans had a blast during the RiftAnalyst Cup Finals in Barcelona, the first stop of the “Circuito Tormenta”, a series of League of Legends competitions held by Riot Games across several cities in Spain. With it, the company behind LoL wants to give more casual players the opportunity to experience the game like professional players do.

96 teams of non-professional players registered and competed in the online qualification. The eight best teams qualified to compete in the finals, which took place with a live audience as part of Imagin Extreme Barcelona, the big sports event held in Parc del Fórum.

Rift Analyst Cup
Cristina ‘Cristinini’ López joined by competitors (image by RiftAnalyst)

KIYF Academy, Twitch Warriors, Eagles UDG, Colesterol +200, Daltonic, Buena Pregunta, Los Tilteds y CDESA Black were the eight teams set to play, starting with the quarter finals round. In the end, KIYF Academy and Buena Pregunta faced each other in the grand final held during the last day of the event, while Eagles UDG earned the third spot. The Buena Pregunta players were the ones to raise the cup in the end, becoming the first champions ever.

Cristina ‘Cristinini’ López was in charge of presenting the RiftAnalyst Cup. A well-known personality in the Spanish eSports scene, she was also joined by others like Noa, Chami, Sixs and DondeGentes, who provided narrations for each match.

Riftanalyst cup winners
“Buena Pregunta” (Good Question) was the team to win raise the cup in the end

Besides obtaining recognition, the three best teams also earned prizes: from professional gaming equipment to a paid trip to Málaga for the champions. These teams will also have the chance to keep proving themselves in the remaining five stops comprising the Circuito Tormenta by Riot Games, which will return to Barcelona at the end of the year when the finals take place.

Organized by Fluendo, the company behind the groundbreaking League of Legends-analyzing software RiftAnalyst, the Cup offered a big stage were teams could easily be watched from the available terraces. The audience was accompanied by the dragon Rifty, the RiftAnalyst mascot who was very present at the event, cheering the competitors and taking pictures with fans.

“Don’t we have the best #eSports mascot?”

While some were competing for glory, others also enjoyed the several activities available during the event, like a cosplay parade based on League of Legends and free lessons on how to use RiftAnalyst to improve performance in the game.

You can relive the entire Rift Analyst Cup in RiftAnalyst’s official YouTube channel.