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Home Security Protection of Twitter accounts with Latch and Cloud TOTP

Protection of Twitter accounts with Latch and Cloud TOTP

3d illustration of a large brass key lying in front of an upright Twitter logo on a blue reflective surface

Latch Cloud TOTP is a tool created by ElevenPaths that does not require the internet to work properly, it offers two ways to protect our accounts. The first way is named “Lock”, wich will block the account even if the password entered is correct. The second feature is called”Latch Cloud TOTP” and is an easy way to add “two-factor authenticaction” based on 6-digit token typed before accessing your account. In this article we will show you how to integrate and configure latch cloud TOTP into your Twitter accounts.

Preparing Twitter

First of all, we should Access to our Twitter account and click on “My account” Now we can find our security options. We should click on “Login Verification. This option let you configure all of the security options which Twitter offers you. In this case we will configure our TOTP.

If we want to activate 2-step verification we should have our phone number associated to our Twitter account. You can add your phone using “add a phoneoption, the page will send us a code in order to check if the phone is under our control. After receiving the code we should introduce it and click on “Submit”.

Once you have introduced the code you can pick “Login verification option. Now you will be asked for your password and phone number again. When we activate 2-step verification, Twitter gives us three new options, we will choose “Mobile Security app”

When you click on“Mobile Security app” Twitter will show a Qr Code which you can scan using your Latch´s App, after adding this new service to our Latch we will generate a “token” in order to finish the configuration process.


Run the Latch app using the latest version, where we can find the Cloud TOTP feature. Then go to add new service with Latch and two choices will appear, “Pair with Latch,” the classic feature, and “Protect with Cloud TOTP” (choose this one).

When you click on “Protect with Cloud TOTP” Latch will show the device camera ready to scan the previous QR code generated by Twitter. Once we scan or type the secret key information, Latch will indicate that there is a new service.



The last step to finish the configuration is log in to Twitter as usual. Once we are logged in, Twitter will ask for a six-digit code, as you can see in the image below. Now, the  is enabled and configured in Twitter and we can start to use Latch.

In our Latch app, we must have a new app with the same name as the service set, in our case will be Twitter. To generate the TOTP codes, click on the button called “PIN.” Those codes will be valid only for a short time (30 seconds).

We encourage you to configure the “two-factor authentication” for all your accounts in any service that allows this type of security. Nowadays it is mandatory strengthening all our digital identities using all the possible ways. The possibilities offered by Latch Cloud TOTP can protect all your services and accounts in a fast, simple and reliable way.