AkuaroWorld and Akuaro Networking Agency are proud to present AkuaroUniverse: an initiative that will propel the local IT sector by offering a new type of tech event. By partnering with sponsors looking to share their cutting-edge knowledge on technology, AkuaroUniverse will stand to change how usual tech gatherings work.

Akuaro Networking Agency has a portfolio of more than 6,500 tech professionals in the city and a total of 25,000 at a global scale. Thanks to its commitment for a more connected IT sector, the company is continuously looking for new ways to strengthen the bonds within the local tech community. AkuaroUniverse is that link.

AkuaroWorld, the tech analysis and opinion site, is the second branch in which AkuaroUniverse will stand. With more than 3,000 unique visitors monthly across the globe, the website will be a key point to promote all the content AkuaroUniverse can share before, during and after each event.

The local tech communities are in permanent movement. They constantly engage to commute in spaces where they can share and showcase their knowledge and latest advancements. However, many of these gatherings can lose focus with too many distractions. The message can also get lost when dealing with bigger crowds.

That’s why AkuaroUniverse will offer a different experience. An exclusive, intimate event for any partner that wants to be a part of the initiative and incur in meaningful conversations and networking sessions that really make a difference. In other words, a tech event with more than just pizza & beer.

AkuaroUniverse’s secret weapon is its fantastic location. Events will be held at Akuaro Networking Agency’s offices, which sit at the very heart of the beautiful city of Barcelona. Well connected and between two of the most visited streets in the city, the venue offers a comfortable and stylish environment for talks, networking sessions and even workshops.

The venue has already premiered thanks to a sucessful event held in colaboration with Agile Barcelona and Smoking Brains. There, the hosts engaged in a conversation about how we can build teams that excel by having healthy conflicts:

The Sponsor Galaxies for AkuaroUniverse give will give partners the chance to boost their products and awareness in the community.

Either through workshops or stack showcases, partners will have the opportunity to welcome a skilled network of professionals supported by Akuaro Networking Agency (developers, PMs, CTOs, etc) to scale up within one of the more welcoming venues in the center of Barcelona.

The three Galaxies, in ascending order, are the Milky Way, Ursa Minor and finally Andromeda. What each galaxy offers varies, but personalized galaxies can also be created according to each partner’s needs.

Features inside each galaxy range from ticketing services to extra conference rooms. Press coverage is also included thanks to AkuaroWorld, which will publish social media posts and content on the website as well.

AkuaroUniverse is set to be the next model in tech events, and the next cutting-edge network of gatherings within Barcelona’s booming tech scene. Don’t hesitate to be part of this next stage, and contact AkuaroUniverse if you want to explore new galaxies.