Neural.ONE is an international company based in Madrid, Spain. An expert in increasing the marketing performance of businesses through automation and intelligent attribution, the company has launched what it calls “the first intelligent chatbot integrated into an advertising campaign (AdBot).”

The AdBot, which aims to interact with the users, represents a new step towards smart advertising. This technology is based on Artificial Intelligence and consists of a system capable of answering questions made by people–and learning during that process.

Cognitive computing is the technology that has produced intelligent systems capable of defeating, through their capacity of self-learning, the best champions in the history of culture quizz competitions such as Jeopardy! These systems don’t have internet connection to learn how to play. They have, however, absorbed up to four terabytes of structured and unstructured knowledge.

Currently, there are several commercial applications for this kind of cognitive systems. Some examples include interacting with human beings or processing data in lung cancer research.

According to Neural.ONE, their AdBot represents the first time that one of these systems–those able to converse with the user and learn from it–is being applied in the field of digital marketing.

“In an advertising campaign, the objective of this first chatbot is to go one step further with the quality of the marketing experience,” explains the company. They elaborate: “That means abandoning the concept of the ‘simple click’ on a creative ad or just text.”

The idea is that, after that first click, the user can now interact with a chatbot, or AdBot. They can ask about the company, for example. They can interact to solve their doubts about its structure and services, however specific, and the software will learn more and more about what the users care about, and how to answer those doubts.

This is but one concept that’s in line with what Neural.ONE wants to represent: the application of intelligent and automated digital technologies in the marketing sector. The reason? To identify and analyze the path that leads the customer of a company to buy its products in the first place. This is also known as the customer journey.

Neural.ONE monitors all marketing channels, both online and offline, and correlates them with specific KPIs as a sale increase, which allows companies to know–for the first time–what part of their communication strategy is working–and which parts aren’t. This in turn allows them to modify the allocation of resources based on the information, and finally further increase sales.

The company makes a case of being the first company to add chatbots’ smart conversations as an essential touchpoint within the costumer journey, which it reminds must be analyzed for a successful marketing process.

“Since we were born, our goal has been to develop an objective and intelligent marketing system by introducing the sector to concepts such as algorithms,” explains Neural.ONE CEO Nacho Suanzes. “All of this with our team of technology experts and data scientists. AdBot represents another step in this evolution.”