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My Line is a new initiative that could change many people’s lives.

We live in times of the internet and Google. Google’s services are part of our daily lives, and they’re a complement to each of our activities. They communicates woth us, distract us, inform and guides us. But more than anything, they take us out of trouble.

Today Google assistant is available in more than 500 million devices around the world; between smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, smart TVs, home assistants and even our own vehicles. Complete all kinds of tasks and answer all your questions. In times of the internet, interconnections and globalization, we use Google literally for everything. It is the bible of the new times.

But what happens in remote places with no internet access or devices that have the ability to surf the net? There are billions of people who still live apart from the technology era.

In Colombia, there are many regions where geographical conditions are so remote that the idea of ​​having internet or using a smartphone still seem very far away. However, the use of traditional mobile phones is very common.

Because of this, Google and the Colombian government (MINTIC) along with Mullen Lowe and Cainkade devised a way to bring these people all of the information they are missing.

My Line powered by Google

My Line is a telephone line that connects you directly with Google Assistant to ask any questions without the need of a computer, a smartphone or even an internet connection. You only need a standard mobile phone.

Calling 6000913 gives the user a welcome message and an invitation to ask any questions. After asking the question, the software processes it and connects with the Google system, then My Line receives the answer and provides it to the user.

Following this, the user will hear the indication to “make another question” or “feel free to hang up when finished.”

Since the launch of My Line in its Beta version in May 2018, Google Assistant has received more than 35,000 calls.

In the age of the internet we realize that even though it reaches more and more places and more people all over the world, the industry tends to leave behind people who do not have the possibility of accessing the latest technologies. But beyond this, My Line is a good initiative to bring people to the information and power that the internet provides, without actually having it.