As consumers increasingly depend on their Smartphone to organize their personal and
professional lives, it’s becoming clear that the traditional computer has been replaced by the smartphone as the main servant of our digital needs. In a world where mobile has triumphed, the young French startup Miraxess, founded in 2015, wants to bet for Mobile convergence as the perfect solution to develop innovative products and make life easier.

The Mirabook is an example of that: this computer turns your smartphone into a laptop.

The Mirabook, is a true extension to give the smartphone all the capacities of a laptop. A large full HD Display, a keyboard, a touchpad, extra storage and a high capacity battery that instantly creates the ultimate laptop —of which you already own half.
The Mirabook Extension fits into this natural movement that makes the smartphone the universal engine of any activities.

Miraxess Team

The Mirabook rise and the PC fall

Smartphones are now more used than traditional laptops. According to the last report for 2017, the number of mobile phone users was 4.77 billion and computer users the half. Although the cellphone does not yet have all the functions of the computer, Miraxess aims to fill this gap with Mirabook allowing you to turn your smartphone into a full-fledged laptop. This extension is a high-quality laptop shell, with an aluminum body, incredibly light and slim, customizable, with a high quality 1080p IPS display, a trackpad, storage slot via SD card and an effective battery that charges your phone at the same time while using the Mirabook.

Simple and practical, the extension can be connected to your smartphone via its USB-C connector and projects instantly the screen of the mobile in a desktop mode. The Mirabook is the Laptop of which everybody already has the other half.

Mirabook + Latest smartphones = The perfect match

When Samsung’s Galaxy S8 comes with a desktop mode including an app drawer on the side, and supporting Android apps with full access to notifications and resizable windows. The Mirabook is the ultimate accessory that unleashes the real power of this pocket computer.
But Miraxess is not only compatible with Galaxy. Using Slimport over USB-C, the Mirabook is compatible with brands like LG, Asus, Acer, Microsoft, HP, and HTC. For the rest, depending on the success of the campaign, the Mirateam will develop a DisplayLink adaptor to support all kinds of phones.
Yanis Anteur, CEO of Miraxess: “This campaign is a turning point for the Mobile First Revolution. The Mirabook is the missing piece of the puzzle before considering the Smartphone as the only computer we need”.