Microservice Abstraction Layer Kong has launched its 1.0 version to meet user demand. The company announced the news while also revelaing that its platform has been downloaded over 45 million times and is being used by some of the largest entities in the world, besides attracting 110 open source contributors.

In an official post, Kong explained that while the 1.0 label usually means “ready for production,” in reality the platform has been actively working for the past few years. The decision to name this new version as 1.0 was to establish a new base for upcoming releases.

“For Kong, 1.0 means that our API is established and backward compatible, and that future improvement will add to (rather than change) current functionality,” explained the company. “The release of the Plugin Development Kit (PDK), removal of leftover API entities, and the new 1.0 capabilities below allow us to guarantee that Kong is not only stable and production ready, but that we are ready for the next phase in our journey.”

As for what those 1.0 capabilities are, Kong says that besides signaling “the maturity of the project,” this new version also provides major feature updates and minor enhancements created in response to the community’s demands. Kong 1.0 has support for Service Mesh deployment patterns, a new Database Abstraction Object (DAO) and other additions like name property for routes and HTTPS health checks.

Kong also announced a considerable update on its branding scheme. Up to now, the company has been offering two distinct products, Kong Community Edition (CE) and Kong Enterprise Edition (EE); two kinds of the same service with self-explanatory names. The one being updated to version 1.0 is actually Kong CE, and that’s why from now on it will be called simply “Kong.” Kong EE will pass on to be Kong Enterprise. As to how will both continue to coexist, the explanation was simple. “Kong is the fully featured and production-grade foundation of Kong Enterprise,” said the company.

Kong was originally launched in 2015 as a “cloud-native, fast, scalable, and distributed Microservice Abstraction Layer” with priorities on performance ans extensibility. As for what’s next, the company says that it’s looking forward to the next decade of platform innovation driven by the Kong community, or “Kongers,” as they call them.

You can download Kong 1.0.0rc1 here.