Java FX 11

Java 11 is upon us, and Oracle has taken the chance to simultaneously release JavaFX 11, the newest version of the open source, next generation client application. This release is now standalone, which means that the JavaFX modules will be delivered separately from the JDK, a move that had been teased since last March.

“With the Java Platform Module System in place since Java SE 9, it now makes sense to decouple JavaFX from the JDK, in order to make it available as a separate download,” said at the time the Sr. Director of Product Management at Oracle, Donald Smith. “This will make it easier for developers using JavaFX to have more freedom and flexibility with the framework.”

This means that since the standard JDK no longer has JavFX, developers using the application-development platform have to include the JavaFX modules explicitly in their work. The new version does work with JDK 10 (OpenJDK build), though 11 is of course recommended. The latest version of Java has been already available as release candidate and goes out to the general public this same week.

Besides fixing some bugs, the new JavaFX 11 also brings several features like FX Robot API, which can simulate user interaction. There’s also the addition of standard colors for the ColorPicker palette, new properties to customize step repeat timing for the spinning control , an upgraded MarlinFX with better sampling and accuracy, and many more. You can the rest of the capabilities here.

Oracle is also launching a community site for OpenJFX, the open source platform of JavaFX. Senior Java developer at Microsoft (and former Oracle tech lead) Jonathan Giles, stressed the community’s importance in the project. “I would argue that JavaFX is still under Oracle’s stewardship – it’s just that the community is more deeply involved than ever before,” he said to JAXenter.

You can get started with JavaFX 11 here.