Latch is a technology developed by Eleven Paths that does not require an internet connection to work properly. This tool offers two options to protect our accounts. The first option is called “Lock” and it can block your account even if the password entered is correct. The second option is called “Latch Cloud TOTP” and it can add two-factor authentication based on 6-digit token typed after introducing your password. In this article, we will show you how to install and configure Latch in WordPress using the lock.

First of all, we should access our WordPress account and click on “Plugins” (you can find this option in your main menu). Now you should search and install the Latch plugin.

The next step is to configure the plugin. If it’s activated, you will find a subsection inside the settings section. If you click on this section you will be asked for an Application ID and a “Secret”.

To get this two codes you need to have a Latch developer account. If you don’t have one, you can get it by clicking here and choosing the “Register as a developer” option. Once you’ve done this, go to “My applications”, click on “Add new application” and choose a name for it.

Now that you have your new application, click on “Edit” to see what your Secret an Application ID are.

After introducing the Secret and the Application ID codes on the WordPress Settings section, save changes, go to “Users” and search for “Latch settings” subsection on “Your profile”. As you can see, there is a tab where you have to introduce one token generated by our Latch App.

To finish the configuration, run your Latch app and click on “Add new service” and choose the “Pair with Latch” alternative. Copy the code generated by the App and introduce it in your WordPress. Click on “Update your profile” to save your changes. After doing this you will see a message in your smartphone saying that you have generated a new service.

Now that your account is protected you only have to check if it works properly. To do it, block your WordPress account using the lock and try to access. If Latch works you shouldn’t have access to your account and you should see an alert in your phone.

Nowadays it’s mandatory to strengthen all of our digital identities using all possible ways. Two-factor authentication is the best option to protect our accounts and Latch offer us an easy way to do it.