The Skolkovo Foundation (also known as “Russia’s Silicon Valley) will present the main Russian solutions at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018.

The Skolkovo Foundation is a non-profit organization created on September 2010. The Foundation’s objective is to take advantages of Russia’s resources in the field of modern investigation in order to create an ideal environment to implement scientific development in five priority areas of technological development: energy efficiency, space, biomedicine, nuclear technology and information technology.

The foundation is responsible for managing the project of the “Skolkovo” Innovation Center, whose activities are regulated by a special law, which offers special economic conditions to the companies that participate in it (today they are more than 1,700). The total income of companies involved has exceeded 130 billion rubles (106 billion euros).

They have created 22,100 jobs and obtained 1,100 patents. An important part of the Skolkovo ecosystem is the research university: the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), created and operated with the support of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

By 2020, more than 2 million square meters of production facilities, offices and residential premises will be built in Skolkovo. 35,000 people will work in the innovation center.

Maxim Zharenov, Director of International Development and Acceleration of the IT Cluster, highlights the important steps for 2018:

This year the Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona will be dedicated, above all, to the development of software and not hardware, as was the case in previous years. In all areas, technical innovations, in terms of operator infrastructure, are largely replaced by applied technologies, based on artificial intelligence systems in the cloud, mathematical models of digital identity management, computer security systems, as well as digitalization of industrial solutions. Everything is transformed into a digital mode, a mass media of communication and access to information. From the user’s point of view, even the image of the personal automobile, resembles more a multimedia set online than a mode of transportation. The track left by users in the network becomes the main objective of our investigation.

Here, there are russian important companies that will give something to talk about at Mobile World Congress 2018:

  • RDP.RU: its products are in high demand in operator-class networks and have international quality standards. At MWC, RDP.RU will show an innovative software for the high-performance processing of network traffic.
  • Marvelmind Robotics: will show a high-precision navigation system, inside the facilities, for autonomous robots, drones, chargers, virtual reality systems and people.
  • MobilityLab: it will exhibit an integrated and secure mobile workplace called WorksPad —a unique product, because of its focus, to find a solution to corporate mobility problems, which realizes the concept of all-in-one.
  • Brain4Net: will present the Brain4Net software platform, aimed at managing networks for data transfer and virtualization of network services and based on SDN and NFV technologies.
  • Intervale: a company that develops a mobile commerce platform —will present a tool for making payments and transfers from the mobile operator’s account.