Previously, in Part 1, we spoke about the E-commerce formula. With a very easy exercise, we determined that with a few improvements, our


conversion rate could increase.

We also introduced one of the key tools to make this happen: A/B testing. According to Optimizely, A/B Testing is a methodology that allows us to compare two web pages with one another to determine which one performs better.

So for instance, let’s suppose we have 100% of our traffic heading to a landing page, for whatever reason: it could be because we pay for it, by referral, etc. Take a look at the picture below:








In the first scenario all our traffic is being sent to the control version of our E-commerce site. The checkout page, landing page, contact page, etc. On the other hand, we have scenario 2, where the traffic is split and sent to two options:








A / B Testing is widely known to help you make better decisions. And the result of making better decisions is to improve the initial scenario. This picture shows us that now we have two versions of the same landing page. All we have to do now is let the A/B testing campaign run for X days— perhaps one week— and see if your E-commerce site gets enough visits!

After this week, you will have the ability to know which of the versions gives you the better conversion rate. And this is very powerful!

So.. what can we test with this method? Almost everything!. Here is a short list:

📢  Calls to Action 

– Multiple CTA’s per page vs one CTA per page.
– Shop Now vs Shop vs Add to Cart vs Pay Securely Now.
– Text + Icons vs Text + Icons only.

📢  Copies and Content

– Bullet lists vs numeric lists.
– Typo A vs Typo B.

– Headlines.

– Subtitles.

– Content near the fold.

📢  Mobile vs Desktop

📢  Product landing pages

– Bigger images.
– Longer vs shorter descriptions.
– CTA positions.

📢  Pricing and Shipping.

📢  Forms
📢  The Checkout Process.

Now that we have a better idea of what we can test, let’s find a real solution that we can easily implement. What are the best solutions for implementing the A/B Testing methodology?

The best one for us by far is VWO ( Visual Website Optimizer ). Standard Plans go from 49$/month up to 129$/month. There is also a Gold Plan for 999$/month for larger agencies. Super easy set up with lots of different options. You can check how it works in the next video!

With regards to the play test we did in the first episode, the question was:

Which of the following calls to action converts more?

▪ Shop Now
▪ Shop
▪ Add to Cart
▪ Pay Securely Now
▪ Review order
▪ Continue

After running the A/B Testing campaign for a couple of weeks, the final results were:

[Shop Now] was my control version. My initial version.

[Shop] had a neutral impact after the testing period. The conversion rate improved by 0,3%.

[Add to Cart] was the surprising option: The conversion rate improved by +9,6%.

[Pay Securely Now] was the one I previously thought it could have the bigger chances: The conversion rate improved by 1,4%.

[Continue] Don’t even try it..

In the next post we will go deeper into the A/B Testing strategy. We will look at the steps you need to follow in order to succeed and how to gain a better understanding of this key conversion rate optimizing tool!

See you all soon!