Barcelona was the scenario for the 2016 edition of Full Stack Fest, held on September 05-09. With the tagline “Problems of today, ideas from the future,” Full Stack Fest 2016 was certainly an amazing week with many people coming from all over the globe.

A tech conference with topics ranging from Docker, IPFS and GraphQL to Reactive Programming, Immutable Interfaces, Virtual Reality and much more. Full Stack Fest hosted 32 inspiring talks in addition to different activities during the exciting week.

These amazing talks were given by leaders of the industry like Joe Armstrong, the inventor of Erlang, and Jafar Husain, Technical Lead of Netflix. Jafar in particular gave an excellent conference about the future of ES6 and the upcoming releases. Netflix speakers led the conference with another talk, “NeuroJavaScript” by Alex Castillo.

Further ideas were shared in the auditorium like the upcoming programming language, Unison.  Certainly, we can’t miss what this programming platform will be giving us soon. Other examples of these great talks were: “Whirlwind tour through the HTTP2 spec” by Ole Michaelis, co-founder of SoCoded, and “How to build a website that will (eventually) work on Mars?” by Slobodan Stojanovic (Cloud Horizon). By the way, the answer is yes! It is possible to build an interplanetary web app by transmitting information.

Without doubt, great and very interesting topics were spread, and were the week’s essence. And just to mention a few more: Interplanetary File System (IPFS), Cycle.js, Functional Reactive programming, Unikernels, the Physical Web project, Web Assembly, CSS4, the Elm architecture and Serverless Framework.

People who make Full Stack Fest happen

Full Stack Fest 2016 has been organized by Codegram, a web agency focused on organizing world-famous conferences like Barcelona Ruby Conference and FutureJS.

Josep Rey Peroy, founder of Codegram, said: “The conference had very positive results… It was divided into two parts where we obtained approximately 500 people in each one, but 50% of them assisted to both. Perhaps we’ll repeat next year”.  We look forward to it!

Everything seems possible within the technology scene, but maybe an important piece of this matrix is that people make technology and not the other way around. Meetups, events and tech conferences are about that. Spreading and sharing ideas.

If you missed your chance to attend to this year incredible event, don’t worry, you can enjoy it on Codegram’s Youtube Channel.

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