This is a big moment for Fluendo. The Barcelona-based company offers multimedia solutions based on the GStreamer open-source framework, and is currently working in big projects, including the new HbbTV standard that’s starting to roll out globally.

But Fluendo is also looking at the future. As Chief Product Officer Andoni Morales explains, computer vision is very much present in their plans, and it’s where he thinks much of the future of the multimedia industry rests. In fact, it’s something the company has already tried to some extent. “Five years ago we bet on diversifying Fluendo’s bussines,” says Morales. “A new line of business came up, which was video analysis.”

While they started with analysis of traditional sports videos, the company really found success with RiftAnalyst, a tool designed to analyse esports matches, specifically the popular MOBA, League of Legends. Now called Riftgg, that esports division has become a spinoff of Fluendo’s, and both entities work separately.

“Now it’s a great moment for Fluendo,” reflects Morales. “Now we have the opportunity to invest in new developments.” While he explains many of the advances the sector has made during the company’s 14 years, which includes higher quality streams for just a fraction of the bandwidth, one can only imagine the innovation that’s ahead for the company. Check out our full interview below: