Fantasy App
Fantasy App

Fantasy, a sex-positive app for open-minded couples and singles in non-monogamous relationships, is now live and operating. Much like Tinder, or other apps we’ve talked about before, Fantasy works with a matching system, pairing people based on fantasies and lifestyles. Once in direct contact with each other, users are provided “a platform for them to share their stories.”

The app was created by Andriy Yaroshenko, a sexologist with a professional background that includes eight years of experience in digital marketing and building award-winning startups for KimberlyClark, Johnson & Johnson, Danone and more.

“We want the world to be a place for happy people connected by harmonious bonds. We want to contribute to the development of human sexual awareness by helping people comprehend sexual fantasies and roles, from the first stage of sexuality development to the fourth.” In a way, Fantasy hopes to also be some sort of a guide or assistant for everyone who wants to better know themselves as well.

Most importantly, its creators highlight that it’s created by a community of sex-positive people. This way, the company wants to create a culture embedded with ideas of personal growth, intensified emotional experience between partners, conscious desires and responsible attitudes towards the self and partners. “Ours is a culture that leaves no room for reproach, blame, humiliation and intolerance toward people of all genders and sexualities.”

Fantasy users are united by four key attributes: positive attitudes towards sex and sexual fantasies, interest in developing their sexuality, creativity in regards to experimenting and a healthy interest in obtaining new knowledge.

Specifically, Fantasy was created for couples and singles who practice ethical non-monogamy. The idea is to provide a space where user can chat with other who share their desires who follow your sexual fantasies.

However, its creators warn that “if you just want to find the nearest ‘body’ for your quick sexual discharge, please don’t use Fantasy!”. In other words, is more a platform for sharing, creating a positive community and expressing oneself; instead of a glorified dating app. Though it can definitely lead to that as well.

Users must connect to their Facebook account in order to make sure they’re using a real photos of themselves. Once an initial interest is shown, and both users reciprocate, then a chat opens up where they can talk about whatever they want.

The company defends their decision of using Facebook, arguing that everything will be as private as the user wants it to be. “We want our users to be real people with real photos. We don’t want to have to check your pictures in a more complicated, inefficient manner or have to block users.” Users have the option to remain invisible from their Facebook friends. By default, their profiles are always hidden from them.

As of September 2017, Fantasy has been launched primarily in New York. The company says it prefers “quality over quantity”. However, Fantasy is increasing its presence in other cities as well. The company uses what it calls an “active city” system. As soon as a certain number of people in a city join, Fantasy switches the city into active mode. Users living in an active city can see each other and, when traveling, can shift among active cities.

To use Fantasy, users need to keep in mind two types of rules: mandatory (whose violation will cause an account block or deletion) and etiquette (which are advisable to follow).

The rules are:

1- Fantasy is available only for 18+ users.

2- Promoting yourself, your services or the services of others is allowed only on PRO and Community profiles.

3- Have integrity with other users’ data. Don’t pass out information that you’ve gotten using the app.

4- Don’t use any pictures containing nudity or sexual intercourse.

5- Respect the refusal. If someone turns down your proposal or even stops communicating altogether, don’t be too persistent. No means no. Fantasy is a community of people who know not just what they want, but also the things they don’t want.

You can check Fantasy on the App Store.