Desire was launched in September 2015 when one of its founders was looking for an application to increase the romance with his partner and he only found sex manuals like the Kamasutra, or very simple games that were not attractive. So he decided to create an app that could make sex between couples something fun, challenging and exciting. That’s how Desire was created, the app “that’s positively changing the way couples discover emotions.”

Inside the app, you can find erotic games where you can challenge your partner in different categories: Outdoor, Dress code, Kitchen, Risk of Being Watched, At the Office, etc. If your partner accepts the challenge, start the countdown to complete it and when both finish, you earn points. New and original challenges can be created and sent to your partner. as well. Each time you complete one, you earn points that will allow you to level up and unlock more spicy games.

Nowadays, the romantic app market is controlled by dating applications. Apps like OkCupid, Tinder, GROWLr, Grindr, Coffee Meets Bagel and help people find the special person in their lives. Desire wants to become the app that you would download after finding your other half.

“Our audience are couples and our app focuses on the engagement constants,” says co-founder & CMO Marta Plaza. “You have points, trophies, levels; elements of a game that makes the person want to play more, discover more things with your partner.”

“Another difference is that there is a community behind it,” she adds. “Couples can write challenges for other couples. This means the application is updated daily with content that users generate themselves. You have new things every day.”

 “It’s a playful game, but it also helps couples to increase the passion in their relationship”

Marta Plaza Co-Founder & CMO of Desire App


Called “the App after Tinder” by its creators, it won Facebook’s 2015 FbStart Accelerate Program. “Desire was chosen because of its impressive development so far and its potential for continued growth,” said the Facebook team.

Desire has a strong community of couples and uses gamification techniques: points, levels, leaderboards and badges. The company has the philosophy of “less app, more sex.” “When you are not with your partner you send the challenge, but when both are together you must forget about technology and enjoy more of the connection. It’s different from others applications because we want you to enjoy your partner without distractions,” points out Plaza.

Desire has hundreds of challenges that are constantly updated by the public. The challenges are divided into Mild, Spicy, Hot, and Chili depending on the type of action you want to have. “The categories are updated frequently depending on what the user postulates and what happens at the moment. We have categories like: Back to School, Brexit, Christmas, and they’ve had huge success,” comments Plaza.

The app is growing in a big way. It has more than 500,000 downloads just in Google Play and high review scores across the borad. It’s available on Android and iOS. The app is also available on several languages like English, Catalan, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

The application can be downloaded for free and has in-app purchases of “magic coins” where you can unlock more challenges and have more fun. It also has a store section where you can get discounts on sex toys.

With Desire there is no longer any excuse for not having the time or the imagination to spice things up with your partner.