David Samblás

The world belongs to who creates a language that can define it and explain it. Particularly in a society like ours, most of the actions of the individuals depend on the technology. Programmers emerge as main authors of what will help us to live our daily tasks in a simplest way. Not surprisingly, Argentine writer Nicholas Mavrakis defined them as “the real writers of the XXI century because one is constantly interacting with what they have written”.

A programmer is born with the curiosity that will allows him to interact with the world in a singular way. David Samblás agrees with that axiom.  He is a Backend Developer with more than 15 years of experience in the IT world. He came across as a very friendly person for whom programming is more about passion than work:  “Since my childhood I wanted to work with something related to wires, buttons, lights, and complex systems.” Hereafter, he knew that his vocation was to work in the IT world, even when programming was not a profession yet.

Backend developer: communion with the machine

Samblás is a shy programmer, and although he has a good relationship with those around him, he admits on having a better understanding with computers. In effect, he spends most of his time in front of a screen, being part of a profession in his peak. “The Backend Development is a good role with wide variants. I see a good job market despite the European crisis. I feel that it is due the volumes of information that requires an engineering that does not work with a classic LAMP of Linux, Apache and a database.” says Samblás.

To be a good Backend developer, the Catalan programmer advises to “go beyond” things: “The person should not settle down after having the first solution. If you have two solutions, try both. Thus, you will find the fastest and most efficient one but try to understand why it is the best. Ah! And the most important part:  do as many tests as you can, otherwise it is worthless”.

Best PHP Framework

Source: Beebom
Source: Beebom

According to Beebom and GitHub, the preferred Frameworks in 2015 were: Laravel, Symfony and Codelgniter.

Samblás agrees that Laravel is very effective when building APIS but at the same time, he remarks how Zend can be very functional. “There is a CMS based on Zend called Pimcore, which has a good code structure and it is excellent on managing publishing flows. It has smart solutions related to image management. It works very well for a CMS that requires complex publishing flows and image editing work. Moreover, works great when needing a high volume of data to justify the learning curve of what in the backend”.

“We have made comparisons between Symphony 3 and Phalcon.
Phalcon wins with a speed of 19 milliseconds versus
the 40 milliseconds achieved with Symphony.”


Phalcon doesn´t stay behind. Although, it only was the sixth most searched framework, it has a good speed in comparison to the other frameworks; and it has a good review after been implemented as an extension of C. “The idea is great. For example, in order to connect to a database, you will need a PHP extension. This extension, usually build in C, will be the connector with the database. Thereafter, you will have an extension that easily can be added to your code. The idea of ​​Phalcon is to build it like Symphony but as an extension of C in PHP; this will give you the speed of C.  Hence, MVC cycle, the issue of views and the Rendering will be very fast ” confirms Samblás.

Education vs Experience

“Do Developers Still Need Formal Education To Succeed?” It has been a question made on January (2016) issue of Forbes magazine. Several experts have agreed that experience is more important than education. According to what stated in the article, David Samblás thinks otherwise: “You must have a base, an effort to understand mathematical concepts and what the language does behind it. You need a base for theorize and find solutions. “

 “The three great qualities of a programmer are: courage,
impatience and  the ability to create the best in the less time possible.”
Larry Wall, The Perl Programming Languages

“A programmer has to be someone with a lot of impetus while thinking about the best way to write as little as possible, and not having to repeat it. To be restless and curious about how things work ” reinforces Samblás.


According to Forbes magazine in 2016, six of the 10 richest people in the world belonged to the technology field. Additionally, more than one programmer has thought about funding or starting a company on his own. Likewise, David Samblás made one of his dreams come true back in 2008. He founded TuBraix, a Hardware and FLOSS solutions development company. The project lasted only three years, but he learned plenty about business and electronics. An experience that certainly made of himself a better professional.

Tips for an entrepreneur:

  • Knowing that it will be the hardest to do in your life.
  • Success it will depend on your personality.
  • Successes come from many failures: keep trying!
  • Have a solid economic base.
  • Have a temporary debt and pain threshold . Stop when you reach it

Barcelona: A Tech paradise

Samblás has met throughout his career many IT professionals from other countries, and Barcelona has represented for many of them an ideal place to settle down and develop their professions. “People feel very integrated …. as if they had lived here all their life. It has a great combination of good things: cultural, excellent professionals in the IT field, startups with great ideas and tech companies that are already established and are growing. You will always find a corner where you will feel comfortable in. Barcelona will always surprise you.”