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Data, data, data and more data. That’s one of the taglines for DataOps Conference, a tech event to be held in Barcelona. The city is rapidly becoming an important place for the tech industry, one with a healthy and booming startup scene. And it’s clear that above all things, what’s really dominating right now is data. That’s what DataOps wants to tackle.

The event is created by Binlogic, a company that specializes in the servicing of Open Source Databases. “Our mission is to resolve problems in the world of databases,” explains the company. “We provide remote support, training and database management. We streamline and increase efficiency of our clients’ technical processes by looking at their scalability and architecture.”

DataOps started six years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Binlogic believes that active participation from the community is a key part of their operations as a company, so that’s why the conceived the event.

The reason it moved to the Spanish city is simple: it was the place where the company firsts started their operations. But as they put it, Barcelona is also “a technological pole in the region” where quality networking can be achieved thanks to the presence of experienced speakers with success stories.

Attendee hearing a talk at a conferenceLearn from the best

Among the main topics, databases like MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB and PostgreSQL will join others. Automation, high availability, cloud solutions, security, scaling in the cloud and many of the daily and trending situations we find now will also be touched upon.

Other topics will focus on systems monitoring and orchestration, container solutions, resilient systems, architecture, and infrastructure scalability. Learn how to solve problems with real use cases told by lead engineers from companies like Yandex and Github.

So if you’re in search of advice or just want to to absorb everything you can to learn more, then DataOps is the place for you. There will be tutorials and sessions for attendees to get a comprehensive knowledge in the full stack of the applications and services involved in complex systems.

As a media platform covering the technology scene in Europe and beyond, AkuaroWorld supports initiatives like Binlogic’s that promote the local tech and startup scene by sharing knowledge and expertise among professionals. DataOps will prove to be one of the new new tech venues of the city.

DataOps will take place in Barcelona Moll, close to the city coast, on June 21-22. Be sure to use these special codes to get a discount on your ticket.

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