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Sunday, June 14, 2020


10 reasons people still fear driverless cars

With advances in technology around driverless cars from government organisations as well as big players such as Tesla and Google, there always seems to be a lot of stories in the news about these exciting progressive solutions in automotive technologies. We more and more often...

RiftAnalyst: The Game Changer of League of Legends

If I ask you what League of Legends is, you'll say it is a video game. Yes, League of Legends (LoL) is indeed a videogame, but it´s not just that, it's also a whole machinery that over time has become very powerful in the game scene. LoL...

The Android´s sweet names: Oreo

The new Android operative system is out: Android Oreo focuses on vital and 'fluid experiences', with new features that include picture in picture multitasking (multi-windowing mode) and notification dots (long-press an app shortcut to view the notification right there onscreen). Oreo also has Smart Text...