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Saturday, February 16, 2019

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BMAT: Keep learning deep learning

For Barcelona-based company BMAT, it’s important for artists to get the benefits they deserve. In this official post we learn a bit from the company's technology behind music recognition by using deep learning. Read: Behind BMAT's mission to make a more just music industry You never...

Nerea Luis: shaping artificial intelligence for robots

Nerea Luis is a Madrid-based computer scientist specialized in robotics. She not only works on artificial intelligence, but is also a seasoned speaker and founder of one of the biggest technology events in the city organized by students. We had the chance to ask...

Behind BMAT’s mission to make a more just music industry

For Barcelona-based company BMAT, it’s important for artists to get the benefits they deserve. It’s no secret that digital era has brought all sorts of challenges for copyrighted material, and that no other sector was affected so much, and so quickly, as the music industry....

Gamification in tech: what it is and how it’s changing the landscape

gamification in tech
Gamification is not a new concept by any means. But it’s a word that has been used more and more in recent times, especially with anything pertaining the tech industry. Now, we tell you a bit about how this methodology is being applied on...

How Google brought the internet to remote places

google my line logo
My Line is a new initiative that could change many people's lives. We live in times of the internet and Google. Google's services are part of our daily lives, and they're a complement to each of our activities. They communicates woth us, distract us, inform...

What is WPA3, the new standard for WiFi security

wifi router
WiFi has a new security protocol, and its called WPA3. Though we already get crazy-fast speeds with our mobile internet connections, there are still many issues like data caps and poor coverage. Until we solve them, standard home connections will still rule a big part...

Four new football technologies that are being implemented

Football stadium
At last, the wait is over. After four long years, the World Cup is ready to roll the ball in Russia, and this time football technologies are being as protagonistic as the players themselves. 64 matches, 11 cities, 32 countries and more than 600,000 attendees....

The RiftAnalyst Cup kicks off a new kind of League of Legends competition

Rift Analyst Cup Stage
eSports fans had a blast during the RiftAnalyst Cup Finals in Barcelona, the first stop of the “Circuito Tormenta”, a series of League of Legends competitions held by Riot Games across several cities in Spain. With it, the company behind LoL wants to give...

Video game streaming is the next big step for gaming

playing video game
Video games have come a long way since titles like Pong arrived many decades ago. Now, games are highly sophisticated programs with layers and layers of complex code built by teams comprised of dozens of people. When graphics upgrades aren’t as impressive anymore, what...

7 AI principles for an ethical development of artifical intelligence

AI principles network brain
Should AI principles be developed for the industry? Talking about artificial intelligence inevitably leads to discussions about the dangers that this technology could also bring. While AI is still in its infant state, its thread to humans is such a popular and interesting topic that...

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