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Friday, November 17, 2017


Entertainment hacked: how and why this is happening

Recently we opened up the subject of entertainment companies being victims of cyberattacks and leaks of their intellectual property, a practice that seems to be gaining popularity among criminals. We talked a bit about the precedents, so you can check that out for more...

Entertainment hacked: cybercrime’s new favorite hobby

Since the word “hack” has existed, the term has become synonym with crime and cyberattacks, even if unfairly. It’s a process that’s been romanticized by pop culture many times, especially as the world becomes more digital and software dependent. It’s a bit ironic then, that...

Integrating Latch Cloud TOTP in Facebook

Latch Cloud TOTP is a tool created by ElevenPaths that does not require the internet to work properly, and it offers two ways to protect our Facebook accounts. The first way is named “lock,” which will block the account even if the password entered...

How secure is digital currency?

How secure is digital currency? How can you safely store your Bitcoin?. Coinbase is the world's leading digital asset exchange company where you can buy, sell, and trade bitcoin and ethereum. We spoke with Soups Ranjan Director of Data Science at Coinbase during the Web Summit Lisbon 2016.

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