The fourth edition of Barcelona’s International Women’s Day is coming as part of the new series of events sponsored by Google under the Women Techmakers program, whose objective is to give visibility to women in the computer and IT sectors. The event will take place next Saturday April 6th in the Novotel Barcelona City Hotel, from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM, and will have speakers from different areas in the technological sector.

According to its organizer, the event’s main mission is “pushing women’s visibility in the technology and computing sectors”. This year, more than 150 attendees are expected to gather.

Women Techmakers movement

To celebrate International Women’s Day, a family of events is organized globally with the main objective of promoting and pushing women’s visibility in the industry, under the Women Techmakers program leaded by Google.

Since 2013, this program has resulted in more than 200 global events in the 52 participating countries, all to push visibility, the community and the resources for women in the tech industry. The main objective is to reduce the gender gap, and inspire through female examples of success in science and technology.

Past and present

“We’ve celebrated International Women’s Day for four years, and each time we’ve wanted to give an extra step,” explain the organizers in the press release. “In 2015, we launched with an event that lasted only one Friday afternoon, with only a few technical talks. We had great feedback and more than 60 people attended, 85% of them women.”

“In the second edition, the event lasted a whole Saturday and we offered more technical talks and UX design workshop, aside from merchandising for participants. This time, 80 people accompanied us with approximately the same percentage of female participation.”

After that success, the group focused last year on giving more attention to technical talks, a workshop and two round tables that were offered in two tracks: one in Spanish and another one in English. That time, they had “close to 150 participants with equal representation for both men and women.”

This time, the idea is to grow from what worked on the previous edition. “We maintain the two tracks on Spanish and English and we have prepared a very interesting panel with speakers that are protagonist from the community.”

Talks and workshops

This Saturday April 6th at the Novotel Barcelona City Hotel, 14 speakers will talk about backend and frontend development, testing, cryptography, cybersecurity, Amazon Web Services, Devops, functional programming, Coroutines in Kotlin, videogame development and accessibility for web, among other subjects.

Attendees will also be able to enjoy networking time for sharing experiences, getting to know new contacts and creating community. The event is open to all kinds of attendees, regardless of gender or working condition.

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