AI-specialized Artificial Solutions has signed what it calls an “strategic partnership” with Sweden-based Indentive. The new relationship between both two companies will allow Indentive to implement Artificial Solutions’ technology on enterprise conversional AI, which happens to be its main specialization.

With headquarters in Linköping, Indentive focuses on IoT technology. Besides developing television systems, the company offers Connective, a cloud-based platform that allows operators (be it small or big) to offer IoT services to its customers. Since the idea of Connective is, in part, to streamline the complexity of such platforms, Artificial Solutions’ technology makes a perfect fit.

Indentive CEO Anders Visell  explained it further: “Conversational AI will be an important interface as the IoT ecosystem grows and will be paramount in allowing consumers to easily access and manage a myriad of devices in the home.” In short, the one benefitting the most from this partnership would be the end-user, as the service should be much more easy to interact with.

The platform behind Artificial Solutions’ conversional AI technology is called Teneo, which enables enterprises to build applications with natural language interfaces like personal assistants, bots and more–all available in more than 35 languages.

Previously, we spoke with Andy Peart, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at the company about its endeavors, which included a heavy focus on natural language interaction (NLI) for the automotive industry. At the time, Peart explained that NLI “enables people to interact with any connected device using normal, everyday language. It understands the meaning of conversational input, and reacts accordingly, creating value and enhancing the user experience.”

We’ve also made a case of our own for why visual interfaces might fall in a secondary spot in favor for such platforms as Teneo. IoT might just be one of the first sectors to show us this conversational future.