This week, Amsterdam will host one of the biggest events in the world dedicated to artificial intelligence. World Summit AI will take place in the city this 10-11 October, offering 140 renowned speakers and thinkers gathered to discuss the several ways AI will affect our way of living, from business to social and even ethical implications.

After selling out in its debut edition last year, the event comes again not only renewed, but bigger as well. Early this year, the organizers announced that they had expanded their attended to more than 6.000, releasing additional tickets to accommodate for high demand.

“For AI to be truly beneficial for humanity, it is crucial that people can trust its recommendations, judgements, and decisions,” said Francesca Rossi, AI Ethics Global Leader & Professor of Computer Science, IBM Research & University of Padova. “I am looking forward to discussing how to build trustworthy AI at the 2018 World Summit AI.”

Organizers also revealed some current trends in the world regarding AI by way of a report made by Accenture. The study found optimistic results by showing that most “business leaders” are making efforts to implement a responsible use of AI within their organizations—a clear sign that the ethical subject of AI is of major importance.

All in all, the percentage of organizations adopting AI solutions globally sits at an impressive 72%. About half of those reported successful results with the technology, showing that there’s still room to grow even for those who have adopted AI.

World Summit AI is clearly dedicated to exploring ethical implications of AI, and that’s why the organizers have partnered with experts Aimee van Wynsberghe, Virginia Dignum and Catelijne Muller (also a speaker) to exclusively launch the Dutch Alliance for Artificial Intelligence (ALLAI Nederland): the first national alliance in Europe to bring together all stakeholders to work together on Responsible AI. The launch will take place on Thursday October 11th.

You can find out more about World Summit AI on their official site.