Akuaro:Hub, the digital innovation factory, is proud to introduce to the European market three solutions aimed at marketing, human resources and work spaces. They are Promo Go, People Connected and Smart Places, three digital tools that take advantage of the latest technologies in the market. Combining experience with innovation, these three solutions have several success cases under their belts that will now be replicated in European territory.


The digital marketing platform, Promo Go pushes the success of brands in psychical retail spaces. It’s adaptable and customizable, made for creative, functional and successful marketing campaigns.

Promo Go includes a mobile application and a BackOffice. It offers the possibility of developing each stage of a campaign, from choosing the name to the product, the offers and executing the different available activities like trivia quizzes, forms and games. For that, Promo Go employs different cutting-edge technologies like proximity marketing, augmented reality and the internet of things.

Promo Go also has notable success stories like the BancApp app in Argentina, which amassed more than 100,000 downloads, 9,000 active users and a 20% in product exchanges.


People Connected is a digital platform for human resources that can manage, automate and monitor the communication and goals defined for each employee—all in real time. The benefits of People Connected include personalized content, measurement, control, institutional communication, collaborative projects and more.

It’s a completely digital tool that includes an app and BackOffice for organizing content. Besides facilitating personnel recruitment, it’s adaptable to each specific corporate requirement. People Connected is made for HR, by HR.

With completely adaptable multimedia content, contests and forms, People Connected eliminates intermediate management and creates a unique strategy specialized for each recruitment plan.


The device suite, Smart Places automates, controls and manages the systems in a building or other type of psychical space. There are three main benefits that the platform offers: energy savings, maximum comfort thanks to its ability to adapt and security that manages the personnel movement inside the space.

Smart Places also offers information in real time that includes a constant and adaptable monitoring system. The tool uses cutting-edge IoT technologies to keep a permanent connection through sensors and devices with geolocation that communicate with smartphones in a central management system.

The Smart Places services include lightning systems, conference room and materials management, bathroom cleaning, movement control, personal location, parking, visiting management and more.


Akuaro:Hub is the alliance between Akuaro, the Networking Agency and TIARG, a seasoned software company from Argentina with more than 20 years of experience. This union combines the expertise of both entities to offer the best solutions. Akuaro:Hub has more than 100 consultants capable of facing any type of project, from web to mobile and e-commerce development. It also offers solutions for the Web 2.0 sector, IoT technologies, chatbots, business intelligence, VR and AR.

“We have to accept that we live in a digital world,” explains Ekei Salgueiro, Partner & Business Development at Akuaro:Hub. “We’re here for that: to help companies make that extra step towards quality.” Pablo Putureli, co-founder and CEO at TIARG, believes that the jump to Spain is a new challenge for the company: “The diversity of developed projects and the growth that we’ve had in several technologies push us to new challenges.”

Akuaro:Hub offers a different, robust service with a broader vision backed by the experience of its collaborators. Follow Akuaro:Hub to keep track of everything new that’s coming.